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Full-featured Web-based time tracking system to improve your productivity
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Because not all time spent in front of your computer can be considered productive, and no serious assessment of the quality of your work is possible without an accurate measurement of where your time goes, Yaware.TimeTracker offers you a Web-based time management application to not only measure how much time you spend at your PC, but to categorize and analyze that time to provide you with accurate statistics and reports about how productive you and your employees actually are.

Yaware.TimeTracker can be used by individuals to measure and improve their productivity and by companies searching for more effective ways to boost their employees’ productivity. Each individual or employee needs to install a client app on their computer. This client will give them access to a Web-based app where they can access and analyze all the data (complete with reports and activity graphics), and will launch a small statistics window that will tell you the amount of time used and how much of it has been productive, unproductive, or neutral. But it is at the employer’s level where Yaware.TimeTracker shows its full potential.

Also Web-based, the administrator’s interface offers the person responsible reports, app categorization tools, employee management features, and a dashboard showing an overview of the daily, weekly, or monthly activity of any selected employee. You can add new employees by sending them an invitation via e-mail, by downloading and installing the program’s client, or through a Network Setup Utility. Employees can be active, inactive, assigned to a group, or a manager. Managers and other employees can be assigned to different groups, and similar or selected employees can be merged or unmerged easily. Their personal data can be exported to a PDF or a CSV file, and that includes the computer they’ve been working at, the client version used, their Mac address, etc.

Application categorization is key to provide accurate and reliable statistics about the productive and unproductive activities in which your employees spend their time. The program comes with a tree-like structure of categorized apps that you can customize to fit your needs. More than 2,700 apps have been categorized by the program as business, communication, games & entertainment, Internet, Multimedia, or Utilities, to name some of them. This will save you the trouble of categorizing all the most common apps and websites that most users tend to, respectively, use and visit. Each app has been categorized as distracting, neutral, or productive, and that is how the time spent using or visiting them will also be categorized in each user’s productivity reports. Those not in the list will go into the uncategorized apps tab, where you can assign each of them to any of the existing categories or to new categories that you define. You can also set rules for Yaware.TimeTracker to categorize new sites and apps automatically according to your criteria.

Once users and apps have been defined and categorized, Yaware.TimeTracker can start producing meaningful statistics and reports. These reports can show users’ activity by time, a summary of all their activities, and a timesheet of their working days and off-work periods. Then you can check the latest rating of productive and unproductive employees, and of those that spent more time away from their computers to check if time in meetings or in other offline activities is being spent wisely or not. Latecomers, those leaving work before time, and those working late hours are also listed in specific reports. Finally, the Reports tab will also give you access to screenshots and webcam snapshots taken from selected computers to monitor the productivity of specific users or groups more closely.

All in all, Yaware.TimeTracker will become the only time and productivity management tool you will ever need to track and analyze your and your company’s performance in order to improve its overall productivity. Being a Web-based tool, it can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Thus, you can use Yaware.TimeTracker to monitor the productivity of your entire company, regardless of the number of employees, sites, and locations.

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  • Fully automated time tracking system
  • Wide range of reports and statistics
  • Well-structured Web-based interface
  • Highly customizable to fit your company's needs
  • Takes remote screenshots and webcam snapshots
  • More than 1,700 already-categorized apps and sites


  • Online help links take you to pages in Russian only


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